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Hey guys! I’m opening up commissions because I REALLY need work. I’ve been taking some time off from commissions because of finals, and now that they’re over, I need to get back to work! Money is very tight, and our situation seems to be getting worse with me not making any money now, so if anyone would like to commission me, you’d be helping me out a LOT. I don’t want to go into specifics about what’s going on, but it would do me a world of good if I could get a few commissions under my belt within the week.

As always, I am always open to taking donations(button on my blog) if anyone is just feeling generous.

And if you can’t afford to commission me, or donate, please reblog this and help signal boost it for me. That would mean SO much to me.

As always, I can’t thank you guys enough for all that you do for me. Please help this trash artist get back on her feet. Lol.

(Things I WON’T draw: porn, gore, or anything to that extreme. Thank you!)

/So, I’m having to reblog this again because we spent the last bit of money we had last night on a new battery so my bf could get back and forth to work this week. We just got done paying most of out bills, so we only had $90 to last us for a while. And his account has just been overdrawn from an automatic payment, so now, we’re in the hole for -$65. Donations are greatly appreciated. Signal boosting is EXTREMELY helpful. Thank you guys SO much.
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