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Hello there!


Greeting amazing followers of mine- I love all of you and appreciate your parentage and support.

And with that being said- That means I’m doing a giveaway on my page!!

To be eligible for this giveaway you must be following my art blog which is Versaious. Reblogs and like do count on this one!!

Yeah and you all probably want me to stop with the pleasantries and get on with the prizes right? 


For first place- 

The winner gets something worth up to $30 from (and if you don’t like cute and cuddly plushies I’m sure you and I can work out another prize :P ) All paid for by yours truly. You also get a full colour, full scale commission from me. And I’ll draw you just about anything boys and girls. And tacked onto that is also a free print from my etsy shop!

The runner up gets an item up to $10 from the Tasty Peach Studios site, the free commission- But they will be getting a bust shot full colour as well as the free print. 

So come on lovelies I’m giving away free stuff and all you have to do is follow me!

I’m going to have this going up until after we all get back from Dragon Con So lets keep this going until September 2nd! Then I’ll let the lucky duck’s of winners know that they have won the spoils.

Bonne Chance! 






brutal reminder that Hiccup and Stoick only had 5 years to really get to know each other before they were separated for good

brutal reminder 2.0 that Stoick and Valka had less than a day to reconnect after 20 years of being apart before they were separated for good

… You win

Brutal reminder 3.0 that Stoick, Valka, and Hiccup only had a few hours together as a whole family before it was torn apart for good.

I now regret making this post


Heyo!!! Long time no post! However, I am posting now because things are finally settling down.

I am planning on going to Youmacon this year and am planning to go to the formal as Her Imperious Condescencion from Homestuck. However, I’ve found myself without a date. And while I don’t necessarily need one, it’d be nice to have. Anyone willing to be my date for the Youmacon formal?

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